July 15, 2017
Words for our brother!

Here we go again, me having to get the huge weight of emotions off my chest by blogging it…one never knows how to say goodbye to another when its their time, there is no way of knowing the feeling behind a loss because every relationship is different, like a thumbprint. Some are simple, some are complex but nonetheless the sting is the same.
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I met David Z back in 2007 but I don’t remember it…he was in a band with his brother Paul called ZO2. I was doing a solo run in the US to test the waters and see if there was any interest in furthering this venture. We did a show in Rhode Island and ZO2 was our support band…I remember seeing and hearing they had ‘something’ which I got to experience more later when they soon after had their own TV show then meeting David at rehearsals for a Trans-Siberian Orchestra tour in 2009. We bonded instantly as I had just met and hung a lot with Paulie…their level of humor, juvenile behavior and sarcasm were right up my alley, probably comes from the fact we’re all Brooklyn natives!

I knew Dave was a killer bass player especially one who loved challenges so I decided to put him to the test…1st I played him a musical interlude from a Talisman Official song, Tears In the Sky, from my then recently departed brother Marcel Jacob as I knew he would appreciate the level of skill it took to play it. He LOVED it and said he was gonna learn it and play it for me. I thought ‘yea right, Marcel uses a pick to get the speed and fluidity the song required, Dave’s plays with fingers’. I sent him off with a solid ‘good luck’…next day he pulls me aside at rehearsals and plays it for me, verbatim, with FINGERS!

I knew then and there I needed to include this guy into my musical adventures someday soon…that someday came in 2012 when I had a tour booked in Europe early 2013 and my then bassist had other commitments. I asked David along into the fold and he was gung ho about it, he was just excited to play, he wasn’t jaded by money and fame, ZO2 were on the outs and he was happy to add something like this to his regiment of TSO and the 80’s tribute he so loved, RUBIX KUBE: The Eighties Strike Back Show.

David fit like a glove from day one…anyone who’s ever met him LOVES him. He was the missing link in my life both musically and personally that I only experienced with my own brother. Not taking away from the incredible people I’ve played with but as most know my career and life has been spent with musicians from abroad. This makes for missing a lot of things within my own upbringing and Pop culture, I finally had this with David because we grew up with the same things from Cap’N Crunch cereal to Captain Caveman!

When we morphed the JSS Band into SOTO Official, I was beyond thrilled David wanted to be along for the ride, now he could be creative with US, as a band, as he was missing since the ZO2 split.

David was a happy, positive person who always wanted to make people laugh even at his own expense. As a bassist, he was far superior to many I have ever played with, as well as many hailed as ‘great’ in this business. He could sing, he could dance, he could write, he could direct videos…as he did many with us on tour as parodies. EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THIS PLANET he came in contact with loved him and not a single person could find a bad thing to say about him. He was the ultimate Man Child, the ultimate musician and the ultimate friend.

He was the guy who loved to talk to people and fans, he loved meet and greets, he loved interaction. He made every person feel important at all times…he always had the biggest smile on his face, he never complained even during the worst or inconvenient circumstances, he always saw the brighter side of life, he was always ready to sacrifice his dignity for a laugh, he gave 1000% under every condition, he never said ’no’, he cared about his craft in every sense of the word…truly one of the most irreplaceable human beings I know, best of luck to ANYONE lucky enough to take his place in SOTO!

When he got the call for Adrenaline Mob, he called hoping I wouldnt have an issue with it...on the contrary I couldn't be more excited for him! I love this band and I knew David could be what he was for us, that element that brought them to another level!

As I have to eventually come to grips I have lost yet another close to me, and believe me the list is VERY small, incredible person in my life, I realize the lifetime of memories I have with him including just hanging or performing with him are beyond those in my life for much longer. I could write an entire novel on the incredible times we shared, the heaps of laughs, the insane shows we got to do together, etc., One week to the day of the anniversary for Marcel’s passing, I have 2 of the most incredible musicians in my career stripped from my life and career.

Tonight and for some time I will cry for you…then I will celebrate you! I love you David Z, you were my friend, my bassist and my brother! RIP

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15 JULY 2017
Please join us as we celebrate the beautiful and extraordinary life of our beloved son, brother and dear friend,
David Z

Sunday, July 16, 2017
The Cutting Room
44 East 32nd Street

All who were fortunate enough to have known him know very well that he had a very special light about him that was always beaming. We invite all friends and fans of David's to attend tomorrow's memorial to
help us keep his light shining bright forevermore.

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09 DECEMBER 2016
DIVAK Tour Dates 2017!!!
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16 NOVEMBER 2016
New poster for the Monsters of Rock Cruise, look at the killer lineup so far...and counting!! Saigon Kick, Y&T, Inglorious...who's next?
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03 NOVEMBER 2016
MOR than excited about this in 2017!!! SOTO once again on the Monsters of Rock Cruise, the heaviest boat on the seas!!!
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01 NOVEMBER 2016
The 'only' SOTO show on US soil in 2017!!!
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14 MAY 2016
Here it is, the premiere of the new SOTO video Unblame, directed and filmed by David Z 's brother Brian!! earMUSIC
Watch on youtube - click here.
01 APRIL 2016
It's's out...get yours today!!!
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17 MARCH 2016
Video World Premiere "Weight of the World", second video from upcoming release 'Divak', slated for April 1st on earMUSIC.
Watch on youtube - click here.

Pre-order the album here:
29 JANUARY 2016
Here it is....the 1st Single from the new SOTO album, 'DIVAK', this is FreakShow! I hope you all love it as much as we do!!!!!
Watch on youtube - click here.
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